"Security Awareness Officer Two Day Course – MGT433"

Building, maintaining and measuring an engaging security awareness program that not only ensures you are compliant but also changes behavior and reduces risk is a tough challenge. SANS MGT433 is a two day course designed to teach you how to do just that, build an awareness program that makes a difference. The course is based on the experiences and lessons learned from hundreds of organizations and has trained over 300 security awareness officers, from organizations as small as 50 people to global organizations with over 300,000 employees. In this highly interactive course you will learn and work with your peers on the key concepts and skills to plan, implement, and maintain an effective security awareness program. In addition, you will develop metrics to measure the impact of your program and demonstrate value. Finally, through a series of labs and exercises, you will develop your own project and execution plan, so you can immediately implement your customized awareness …

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