Reboot Wednesday: Yesterday's Patch Tuesday Aftermath, (Wed, Sep 11th)

We have a couple of issues people reported with yesterday's Microsoft patches. Let us know if you experienced any of these issues, and what workaround you applied to get things back to normal:

KB2868116: Takes very long to install. Just sit back and wait (30-45 Minutes). This patch improves the content of warning messages, so it is somewhat security relevant, but does not patch an actual vulnerability.

KB2817630: Causes Outlook to loose all folders. No workaround other then removing the patch. This was not a security patch.

We will add to this list as we confirm any other issues. So far, there are some reports of the system re-applying the same patch over and over, but there are just one or two users reporting this, and in some cases the patch that causes it isn't identified.



Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
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