"Guest Post – Awareness Through Gamification – #SecAwareSummit "

Editor’s Note: This is a guest Blog Post from Jonathan Homer, a member of Idaho National Labs Cyber Security Division and runs their SecAware team. Below is a description of his upcoming talk on "Awareness Through Gamification" at theSecurity Awareness Summit 10 Sep in Dallas.When developing training materials we strive to create clear, concise communications based on logic and simplicity. We put tremendous effort into creating training which is understood and retained. And yet time and time again, attendees sleep through training classes and violate principles taught the same day.In contrast, Hollywood focuses on entertainment, a model where we pay money to sit in uncomfortable seats in a dark room eating stale, overpriced popcorn. And yet we memorize famous lines, talk about the experience for weeks to come, and, most important for this conversation, we …

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