Friday Digest – 27 MAR 2015, (Fri, Mar 27th)

JS Malware uptick

Weve been seeing an uptick in JS malware (TrojanDownloader:JS/Nemucod.K) loosely disguised as .doc files. The JavaScript is reasonably obfuscated but if executed does result in a trojand system. Payloads have been delivered as resumes, invoices, or shipping notices. Youll note payloads given nomenclature such as payload.doc.js.
Feel free to let us know if youve noticed similar, and send along samples via the diary submittal form for comparison (best submitted a password protected zip).

VirusTotal sample data:

Security Weekly

I was interviewed for Episode 411 of Paul Asadoorians Security Weekly. While I had to often speak in sadly generic and vague terms, a few key takeaways popped out in the conversation.
We all largely agreed that the best tooling and datasets mean nothing when protecting organzations without applied context.
Consider the fact that one of the best ways for a security team to properly design and implement tooling and monitoring is to leverage the network architect to better understand design and layout. This allows goals to be established. Rather than a mission that is based on implementing a tool, the mission should be goal based. What are you trying to protect, not what are trying to install. The premise of operational threat modeling really factors here too. The practice can help prioritize area of importance (avoid boiling the ocean) and allow better goals determination.
Great talking with Paul and team, I appreciate the opportunity.

On a related note, check out Episode 409 with Keren Elazari, go watch her TED talk, then get a copyof this months Scientific American which includesher article,How To Survive Cyberwar.

Book offering

Wiley is offering a free download (for a limited time) of The Database Hacker”>GitHub DDoS

GitHub has been under a brutal DDoS attack for 24 hours +.
Keep an eye on for updates.


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