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When your child wants to go over to a new friend’s house, you probably ask questions.  Who else is going?  Will the parents be home?  We should be having the same discussion with our kids about their Internet use.  Which websites are okay to visit?  What kind of information is acceptable – and more importantly what is not – to share online?  To make online safety a family effort, use a mix of guidance and monitoring with your children. Negotiate clear guidelines for web and online game use that fit your kids’ maturity and your family’s values. Pay attention to what your kids do and who they meet online.

Below are some resources and materials to help you start the discussion:

Educate & Discuss

Secure Your Devices

Prevent Crimes

Is this your family’s digital life?

The digital day never ends for most families, and the video on the right shows just how connected we are to our digital devices. Internet security threats like malware, phishing, and identity theft represent a constant threat. Parental control software can be a great aid in an overall Internet security plan, but being aware of the threats and how they are likely to occur can help keep you and your family safe from a range of online threats. By following the Internet security tips in this video, and using a little common sense, you can stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

The Secret Online Lives of Teens

Today’s youth are “digital natives” who grew up with the Internet and use it for communication, education and entertainment. However, their high level of online participation also exposes them to potential dangers such as cyberbullying and malware. See the report (left) for more information on protecting your kids from potential dangers online.

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