Gone are the carefree days when people used the Internet just for gathering information and sending email. Most are now venturing online to create and participate in full digital lives. Millions worldwide are using the Internet to learn, research, shop, buy, bank, invest, play games, download movies and music, re-connect with old friends, meet new people, and do many other activities.

Though cyberspace is an exciting environment with a myriad of benefits, opportunities, and conveniences, it is also an increasingly risky one, with numerous new threats emerging daily.

So, why are you here?

Maybe you’ve been the victim of a cyber crime and want to know what to do about it?  Or maybe you are a concerned parent looking for advice regarding “safe-surfing” for your family.  Or even, perhaps your elderly neighbor may be excited by “strange” emails they have received offering them all kinds of free gifts?

No matter what your concern or situation, we have advice for every type of Nevadan contained in the links below:

Additionally, make sure you check out the “How To” links on the right. Here you can learn how to set up strong passphrases, browse smartly, test to see if your Anti-Virus software is real or rogue, or find the right antivirus for you, and even learn what all those confusing techno terms mean!

More Information on Recent Hacks, etc.

There’s so much in the news lately about hacking and data breaches.

Check this link out to understand the potential impacts to you!

Interesting Reads

The Ouch! Newsletter from SANS has a great wealth of information that is designed to be understandable to the everyday reader, and not just for cyber security professionals. The newsletters can be found HERE

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