Internet Storm Center Podcast (“Stormcast”) 15th Birthday, (Fri, Feb 9th)

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Happy Birthday to our daily Podcast. 3,685 episodes, about 410 hours or 17 days of content. I hope you are enjoying it. Please do me a favor and participate in our quick two-question survey to help me improve the podcast. It will remain brief and no-frills. But is there any content I should emphasize? Are there any stories I missed or should not have included? Let me know.

The podcast is already available on a wide range of platforms. Use Amazon Alexa to wake you up with the latest news, or “watch” it on YouTube. Of course, most podcast platforms like Apple and Google should carry it. But did I miss one?

And in case you don’t know about it yet, here is the latest episode:

Looking for a trip back down memory lane? Try Xavier’s Stormcast Roulette:



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