Reports and Whitepapers

Security and Threat Reports

Various security and threat reports and articles are published to provide members of all industries insight of current and emerging threats with details on case studies in addition to whitepapers on tools, tactical approaches, and strategies. Provided below are the latest reports, articles, and whitepapers.  Some of the whitepapers found were published a couple of years back; however, they are very much relevant and pertinent to security practices.

Whitepapers by Vendor

McAfee Threat Prediction

McAfee’s Threat Prediction report, provides predication of threats based on the data collected and analyzed by their Global Threat Intelligence.  These data and analysis can be found in the McAfee Quarterly Threats Reports.  The latest (2nd Quarter 2014) covers the analyzed threats of the second quarter of 2014 with conclusions of trends on the steady growth in mobile and overall malware.

Mandiant’s Annual Threat Report

Mandiant’s annual threat report, reveals evolving trends, case studies and best practices gained from Mandiant observations to targeted attacks in the last year.

SearchSecurity Top 10 Risks

Searchsecurity Top 10 CyberSecurity Risk Report provides the top ten cybersecurity risks organizations face today with the essential facts about:

  • Attacks against new platforms
  • Mobile attacks
  • Ransomware
  • And more!

Symantec Threat Report

Symantec’s  Annual Threat Reports provides an overview and analysis of the year in global threat activity. The report is based on data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which Symantec’s analysts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.

Trustwave Global Security Report

Trustwave security report provides analysis of incident response investigations, penetration tests, website and Web application attacks and security events.  All in an effort to provide perspectives on the latest threats and vulnerabilities facing organizations along with actionable recommendations.

Verizon Data Breach Report

Verizon provides an annual data breach report to cover the threats in the industry from combined the expertise of 19 organizations from around the globe in  order to provide the best ways to defend against them.

Dasient Drive-by-Downloads

Dasient Drive-by-Downloads, Web Malware Threats, and Protecting Your Website and Your Users whitepaper provides the 5 most critical malware attacks hurting businesses, and ways to defend against them.

FireEye Advanced Targeted Attacks

This whitepaper on Advanced Targeted Attacks How to Protect Against the Next Generation of Cyber Attack list of the top cybercrime trends it expects to see evolve.

Link Tech Holistic Approach

This Holistic Approach to Cyber Security whitepaper covers the details of the problems and threats of cyber security along with strategy to mitigate the threats in an holistic manner.

RSA Current State of CyberCrime

RSP whitepaper on the Current State of CyberCrime 2014 lists the top cybercrime trends it expects to see evolve.